The period poverty


Around the world, at least 500 million people don’t have access to safe and affordable period products.

The average young woman can spend more than $6,000 on period products in a lifetime, $11 every month.

But if we calculate these expenses from the moment a young woman starts to spend money on period materials, we realize that menstruating is a lifetime investment.

A lifetime investment which 500million people in the world, 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford these essential products.

Harsh reality

These young women and girls come from less fortunate backgrounds where they have to first, prioritize having food on their table and a roof over their heads thus jeopardize their personal hygiene.

Not so fun fact; Did you know that every woman who doesn’t use the recommended menstrual products is at a high risk of being exposed to infections or worse?

Just so you know; Menstruating is not something that happens to you once a month or even something you can turn on and off like tap water.

Additionally, menstruation doesn’t care if you’re homeless, it doesn’t care if you’re poor, it doesn’t care if you don’t have access to a shower.

It just happens, and I think it’s crazy that as a society we don’t step in more often to make sure that that’s a basic right that every woman should have access to because period poverty is something that everyone needs to care about.

It is a blessing to all the women can afford to buy sanitary towels every month but a curse to those who cannot afford to access even a packet.

Most of them are forced to stay indoors because they can’t go outside to play, enjoy their childhood and adulthood with their friends in such embarrassing conditions.

Most young women from Kibera slums depend on their schools’ management and well-wishers to provide these materials but now that schools are shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they don’t know how they will survive without sanitary towels.

Join hands, let’s help

An organisation comprising of a few young women who reside in Kibera termed Young Health Program came up with the idea of matching door-to-door in a bid to collect as many sanitary towels as they can and donate to those young women who cannot afford to buy.

They are also spreading the word through social media, calling upon well-wishers to join hands with them and help restore dignity and confidence among women living in slum areas because the number is huge and they cannot do it alone.

As much as we are all focused on helping our communities with food and basic supplies, let’s take time to ensure that young women have access to sanitary towels during this tough time.

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It’s now or never

Cut off the excuses

I came up with the content for this blog a while ago,  yet it took me five months to pen down my first article, all in the name of waiting for the right time.

Honestly, I have been using this phrase, “waiting for the right time” as an excuse. Fact is I was too consumed in my comfort zone.

I was also drained with the idea that I must have a good number of following so as to share my first piece.

Five months ago writing was meaningless because the fear of failure had blocked my creativity.

I had so many questions running through my mind like what if I fail?

Reality check, Just do it!

Yesterday morning, as I was editing, my man’s article, I  realized how much I had missed the whole writing process.

Listen, we are all guilty because, in one way or another, we have once underestimated the power of Just getting started.

The power of taking a leap of faith and going after what you truly want without second-guessing yourself.

Fact is you don’t need to have a massive following so as to publish your first article on your blog.

And even when it comes to other dreams in general, you don’t need to have enough capital so as to start your small-scale business.

You are in control,  you can make it! 

You can kick off your journey with the little that you have as long as you have a complete strategy.

Keep in mind that anything you put your blood, sweat and tears will definitely pay off someday.

Tyler Perry, a renowned writer, producer and director once said,  “Don’t pass out on opportunities in the name of waiting for the right time because there is never a right time.”

You can do it as a young woman or man, all you have to do is build up a table and trust that God will prepare it for you.

Have the end in mind and every day, make sure that you are working towards it.


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